Library Resource Center

Children at C.A.D.S. love books! The curriculum for every age group is focused on helping children acquire the love for literature, the understanding that the written word holds meaning and other emergent literacy skills and strategies necessary to learn to read. The school’s library is extensive, with copies of classic children’s literature as well as new sensations. In the lounge, there even is a library for parents, complete with books on parenting and early childhood education. The comprehensive selection of books in each classroom is accessible to the children, enabling them to follow their curiosities and explore independently. Story time can be enchanting, and C.A.D.S. teachers love to read and illuminate books for the children. Using the unique library resource center, students can continue to explore their favorite books at home and have their teacher read to them. Below, please find videos of C.A.D.S. staff reading their favorite books. To make the most of this interactive learning feature, we recommend parents purchase the books via the links provided. Children and care givers can then follow along and experience the book as though they were in the classroom with their teacher. Bringing literacy experiences from the classroom to the bedroom reminds children how important the written word can be.

Jessica Perez, (Red Room) Reads: The Napping Houseby Audrey Wood


Maria Weaver, (Green Room) Reads: The Three Bears, by Paul Galdone


Charles Felix, (Blue Room) Reads: That’s What A Friend Is, by P.K. Hallinan


Lisa Paulick (Yellow Room) Reads: Born to Read, by Judy Siera and Marc Brown


Kari Andersen (Red Room) Reads: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, by Sherri Duskey Rinker