Red & Orange Rooms

DSC05430The Red and Orange Rooms represent our 2’s/3’s program for children who will be two years old by September 1st. We at C.A.D.S. embrace this age as a time of great discovery and independence where opinions are formed and personalities revealed. There is certainly magic taking shape in these rooms! Home to new and imaginative projects and themes, children explore fun, safe and interactive resources as they learn to do things on their own. Throughout the year, the children work hard to master fine and gross motor skills, progressing from being able to use crayons to mastering using pencils and scissors. Dramatic play is a foundation stone of life in these rooms. Students love building themed sets for their imaginary adventures. Be prepared to find yourself transported to a kitchen, a doctor’s office, a shoe store or even a hair salon! Teachers assist parents with the potty training process and students are encouraged to assert their independence by learning self-help strategies. There’s even a daily “special helper” elected during circle time every morning! Critical thinker? Spread out a puzzle or connect train tracks, there’s plenty of space! Students in our 2’s/3’s program learn the alphabet and to recognize numbers. Here children have tactile experiences as they continue to use exciting materials such as sand, water, rice and pompoms. Working as a team, the children are famous for the delicious and hearty soup they cook every fall for parent’s night and for their scrumptious bake sale cookies. Our 2’s/3’s program is a wonderful stepping stone to our 3’s/4’s program where the children’s newly acquired language and problem solving skills are utilized and advanced.