Yellow Room Ages: 4-5


“The best part about Dinosaurs is you get to decorate!” Emily, age five explains her favorite unit. Nick is also very knowledgeable on the subject. “Some dinosaurs eat plants,” he explains. “Some eat meat and some eat both…”

Kindergarten is a big step, but C.A.D.S. Kids ages 4-5 have all the tools necessary to make the leap. The culminating year in the Yellow Room combines the blue and green room graduates for an exciting curriculum filled with themed imaginative adventures. Students explore the oceans and outer space, study bears, trees and other natural phenomenons. Integrated arts projects embrace and extend the classroom’s imaginative themes, challenging students to think outside the box, experiment with new materials and ultimately to tell detailed stories about their creations. There is a lively atmosphere in the Yellow Room, with movement class once a week, regular dance parties and Harvey’s classic folk music program. Children also learn how to count to 100 and beyond, counting at different intervals as well as building blocks for reading and writing.