The Blue & Green Rooms

photo (5)Our Blue and Green Rooms represent our 3’s and 4’s program for children who will be three years old by September 1st. Although, you can see recognizable academics going on in these rooms, you can be sure that the children are unaware of anything but the fun that Children’s All Day School provides. The rooms are simply a portal for discovery and excitement. Students develop friendships and study their own physical and emotional growth throughout the year. Projects often prompt the children to compare and contrast, sort, classify and explore the world around them as well as each other. Critical thinking skills are disguised as games such as “Guess the Special Helper” and “Find the Patterns on the Calendar”. Children love to play interactive games and are always eager to listen to or tell a story! “Fun and learning through play,” is this program’s motto. Here the stage is set for guided explorations in the arts and sciences. Some of the exciting activities include caring for and hatching chicken eggs, practicing and performing a classic play for parents and peers, pumpkin carving and cooking. Students learn responsibility and kindness, participating in regular “Show & Tell” sessions where they can talk about their prized belongings and practice valuable listening and public speaking skills. Counting with blocks, observing patterns, and integrated arts projects introduce students to geometric shapes and 1 to 1 correspondence. Confidence is the end result of this program, a foundation that will well support the children as they move up to the Yellow Room for their final year at C.A.D.S.