Tots & Toddlers

DSC05441“The Little Engine That Could,” stops often at the C.A.D.S. Tots & Toddler Rooms. Serving children ages 1 to 2 years, the classroom is filled with puzzles, pegs, shape sorters, lacing toys, Legos, blocks, toy gears, toy animals, books, dress up clothes, baby dolls, toy kitchen utensils and more. These resources lay the foundations for imaginative play, a process of working and learning that symbolizes the fulfillment of the Toddler and Tots classroom’s philosophy.

Units in the Toddler and Tot Rooms are student driven. Teachers pay close attention to their students’ curiosities and interactions, designing projects that embrace each child’s growing interests, strengths and challenges. The children work on art projects while teachers provide instruction on painting, coloring with crayons and pasting different materials. The curriculum teaches children about the colors, shapes and textures while emphasizing fine motor and language development. Children begin to learn to how to interact with playmates, take turns with materials and follow simple directions. The independence and sense of self gained in this nurturing, play-driven atmosphere is the perfect foundation for C.A.D.S. preschool education!