Infants Room Staff

Rosana Infants



Hi, I’m “Nana” as the babies tend to call me and this will be my eleventh year working with the Infants at C.A.D.S. I received my Child Development Associate certificate (CDA) in May 2001 from Oneonta Jobs Corps Center. From November, 2000 until beginning at C.A.D.S., I had the benefit of working with children from 8 weeks to 4 years of age; but the “babies” were where my heart was and is. I truly enjoy working with the Infants and I look forward to meeting all our newbies! Along with working with the children, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know and collaborate with the parents in providing a great experience for the Infant Class at Children’s All Day School. My daughter Mia is eight years old and attended CADS for two years. This fall she will begin fifth grade. My son William, who is five, also attended CADS.


Pammi Infants



I am Paramjit Bammi, called Pammi by everyone at C.A.D.S. I come from India where I attained a Bachelor’s Degree in education from the University in New Delhi, where I taught pre-school. After arriving in NYC, I had been volunteering at C.A.D.S. for several months when I was offered a job. My daughter Henna also worked at C.A.D.S. while attending Queens College. She was married in June ’06, lives in Texas and gave me a Granddaughter in the summer of 2008. I also have a son who recently got married and joyfully gave me another granddaughter to love! I was lucky to be able to work with Pushpa in a 3’s classroom my first year at C.A.D.S. because my English was only fair and Pushpa speaks one of the languages that I do…Hindi; now my English is much better. During the past nine years I have worked with both two-year-olds and infants. I look forward to working with the infants again this September, my 15th year at C.A.D.S. I enjoy being around all ages of children very much. I think they are a precious gift.


Heather Infants



I had worked at C.A.D.S. for over 18 years and returned happily in 2013. For the eight years I was away from C.A.D.S., I worked as a Head Teacher at the Kindercare Learning Center now known as Knowledge Learning Center. I worked at Kindercare in Florida for 4 years, and while there, I attended classes in the development of infants and toddlers to get certified. When I transferred to Pennsylvania, I had to attend class again to get my CDA (Child Development Associate). In addition, I continued taking professional development classes every 3 months to further my knowledge of caring for young children. My heart never left C.A.D.S. during my time away, so it’s wonderful to be back home. I look forward to continuing my position in the Infant Room this year, and working with the youngest of our C.A.D.S. family.