The Pre-Nursery program at C.A.D.S. for infants, and toddlers focuses on development.  We strive for consistency, individualized schedules and age appropriate yet challenging activities.

Guided by carefully chosen professionals who are trained in infant/toddler development, all activities are planned with careful attention to safety, exploration, and growth.  Music and movement specialists work with all these groups three times each week.

All equipment from push-pull toys to climbers and safety-surfaced play deck, are age appropriate and allow your child the freedom of discovery and movement.  Neighborhood outings in our Bye-Bye Buggies, to the zoo, park and pet store, are an integral part of the curriculum.

Everyone at C.A.D.S. welcomes parent involvement.  Daily charts noting eating, sleeping and other functions are made available and parents are encouraged to provide us with similar information.


Tots & Toddlers