“My son Henry spent two of his formative Preschool years at the Children’s All Day School. Now that he is in Kindergarten, he frequently reminisces about his great times playing and learning at C.A.D.S. He recently told me that the minute he “gets a day off,” he wants to visit his old teachers and share stories about his new school life. Henry’s fond memories and his eagerness to visit the school are heartwarming confirmation that he was truly loved, cared for and taught by a very knowledgeable and dedicated staff–from the office management team down to the teachers’ aids. I will always look back on these two years knowing in my heart of hearts that this was truly the BEST environment for a toddler to evolve and grow in, as well as for a mom to feel comfortable letting go of her “baby!”

-Delphine Borredon (C.A.D.S Parent)