A Letter From The Director, Susan Birnbaum

The brilliant energy and creativity of the teachers and students at the Children’s All Day School make C.A.D.S. a truly unique and very special place for young families. The historic four-story building on 60th in which our dedicated staff has built a state of the art school. Our time-honored philosophy embraces play and underlines the fact that children learn best in an environment where they feel comfortable, safe and supported. Hence our motto: “Children’s All Day School! Where school feels like home.”

Few schools in New York City provide all day, quality pre-school programming taught by the same caliber of highly trained Early Childhood Education professionals. I feel privileged to work with such a talented and creative staff; teachers who are committed to the children they serve beyond any standard. As director, my goal is to ensure the very best care and quality communications between parents and teachers. Each child who begins their journey at C.A.D.S. joins our extended family. The staff at C.A.D.S. understands the importance of caring for the entire family in assisting each child reach their individual and familial goals. We look forward to sharing and inspiring the first years of your child’s pre-nursery and pre-school education, providing colorful experiences at school and embracing new media on our website to provide families with excellent interactive and educational resources at home.

-Susan Birnbaum