The overarching goal of our program is to provide a consistent and nurturing setting where children can learn to trust and socialize, while being free to develop and reach their potential at their own pace. Learning, for young children, takes place quite intrinsically through play, hands-on and academic experiences. This “developmental interaction” approach forms the cornerstone of our program. A thoughtfully planned day at C.A.D.S. is designed to provide the appropriate number of stimulating choices within a nurturing and predictable environment.

Throughout the day at C.A.D.S., emphasis is placed on helping children acquire skills and strategies that enable them to thrive in all domains. Our primary objective is to help the children develop inter and intra-personal relationships that will ultimately lead to the power of abstract and critical thinking. We teach the children to do for themselves as we watch the pride and self-esteem grow within each one of them. The importance of the social interactions that the children encounter within their day are a valuable part of their education and development. These interactions are essential in providing opportunities for learning about living in a world where people need to get along.