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Growing up, and as a young adult, I never gave the slightest thought to working with young children. But, looking for something worthwhile to do, I began tutoring children at a settlement house. This experience sent me back to school for a degree in education, and look where I am now… beginning my 28th year at C.A.D.S. I can honestly say I’ve never regretted the decision. I love the work, especially since becoming a “music man”; it is gratifying, but most of all, the affection, intelligence and enthusiasm of the children make it incredibly rewarding.

My interests are (not surprisingly!) listening to music, reading mysteries and fiction and going to NY Mets games. I have been married to my “high school sweetheart”, Lois, for 48 years. We live in Forest Hills and also have a home in Woodstock, NY where we are the least “hippie” people in town.





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