Gina Moffit


Gina Moffit, a seasoned early childhood music teacher, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, holds two bachelor’s degrees from Vassar College and Ringling College of Art and Design. Her thesis work, an amalgam of art and music, was awarded best student project runner up at the annual computer animation conference SIGGRAPH in 2011. Gina studied the Dalcroze method at the Lucy Moses School for Music and teaches Eurhythmics to children and teens at Church Street School for Music and Art in Tribeca. Her methods integrate the approaches of Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff, in addition to placing a special emphasis on literature. Complex musical concepts will be made accessible to young children through books to song, natural play, and movement games that will train their ears, bodies and voices while developing their creative voices.

Below, please enjoy listening to some of Gina’s favorite songs!

In the Jungle

Over in the Meadow

Pete The Cat

Shiny Owl Moon

Gina’s Train Song

Movements such as leaping for accents, stopping for rests, walking and running for quarter and eighth notes, rising and descending with melodies, spooky movements for music in minor, swaying when we hear 3/4, and more will bring music concepts alive and inspire in children the gift of creative expression. Books to song will be emphasized developing both musical and written literacy. Older children will be introduced to solfege, rhythm reading, and improvisation of the basic building blocks of song such as melody, rhythm and lyrics which will help build an understanding of theory and the joy of the creative process!

Gina is incredibly passionate about early childhood exposure to the arts and the magic that happens when exploring children’s ideas. She loves being part of the C A.D.S. family!